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  • Digital Growth Actualized

Digital Media

DAD experts in expanding the brand through various media channels, increasing search query volume, increasing traffic to the web site, and increasing purchases, to provide maximum efficiency for the campaign goal.


Strengthen the link between customer and brand by Search Engine Marketing (SEM), maximize efficiency.


Maximizing traffic to the web site and branding through Display Ads exposure.


Expose product and information for those whom search with ‘intent to purchase’.

Paid Social

Exposure of advertisements using various elements to targets using social media.
Target engagement/performance expansion.

Paid Video

Expand digital branding and target reach through video advertising. Performance Ad execution on target audience via video creative.


Expanding target audience Ad exposure through Ad network solution. Maximize accuracy of ad exposure by utilizing Ad network’s internal data.


Search engine optimization increases organic inflow with top placement exposure in search results, and creating user optimization which maximum performance for visitors.

Web Site Analysis

Web Site Diagnosis

Web Site & Search Engine Optimization

Web Site Quality Monitoring

Check Your Website Now

Diagnose your website for fee! Check the status of your website within a minute!

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Global DTC

Discovering domestic clients with potentials, utilizing global networks, increasing revenue through global marketing and sales, discovering global brands with potentials, and generating profits through domestic marketing and sales.

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